Institutional Consulting
Our institutional consulting arm delivers a complete range of consulting services to institutional clients, including major corporates and financial services companies. Clients include some of the world's largest physical commodity producers and top-tier investment and commercial banks.
Portfolio analysis and asset allocation Starting from a core set of well established principles, and working within each clients unique set of constraints, we work to build a dynamic asset allocation framework from the ground up. Taking into account both quantitative and qualitative factors, we aim to maximise each clients risk/return ratio.
Treasury and risk management From Treasury Management through to our quantitative teams, we review the financial risks and exposures associated with a clients business in detail, providing detailed analysis and recommendations tailored to an individual client's needs. Providing a clear easy-to-understand assessment of probabilities/risk weighted loss; the cheapest and most efficient risk mitigation techniques; recommended investment/risk management strategies; and product-by-product summaries.
Operations and process analysis Providing a comprehensive analysis backed by real-world data, extensive employee engagement and fundamental review of internal systems, capabilities and processes. Our recommendations are both concise and thorough, covering options and capabilities alongside a transformation roadmap detailing the optimal target operating model, process change, resource adjustment, employee training and technology solutions.
Technology solutions and change Often the biggest decision for a business is not what, but how. Technology solutions are a significant investment and poor decisions upfront can be extremely value destructive. Be sure that you understand all options, your technology solution is well planned, well implemented and well managed.
Programme and project management With backgrounds as diverse as quantative development, risk and derivatives trading, our consultants have unparalleled expertise in buy and sell-side financial services. Often brought in to bridge the gap between technology and business teams, their in depth knowledge of both technology and financial products allows them to realign strategy, proactively mitigate issues and deliver consistently to budget and deadlines.
Offshore quantitative and programming resources Our offshore development (and design) teams offer high quality development expertise either dedicated or on-demand. With particular specialities in financial services, exchange connectivity, quantitative analytics, pricing, risk, ecommerce and the internet, we consistently deliver onshore service quality at an offshore price.
Global advisory Drawing on expertise from a broad range of disparate backgrounds, our global advisory teams provide strategies, guidance and advice on dealing with a wide range of challenges and opportunities. Additionally we retain access to former leading senior executives in their fields, allowing clients to jump-start their entry into target markets, benefiting from real world expertise and unparalleled business networks.